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Considered to be one of the leading influential voices in the information technology field, Mr. Whicker has over 16 years’ experience where he has served and consulted in various capacities such as Network Engineer, Systems Administrator, Project Manager, Systems Engineer, and Chief Information Officer.


Proven experience in delivering scalable business solutions that provide efficiency and effectiveness through process improvement for organizations of all sizes including several fortune 500 companies.


A unique and diverse background in both private and public sector organizations has provided David with a wealth of knowledge across several industries. One of his greatest strengths is the ability to quickly build strong relationships that strategically place him in a position as a trusted advisor in technology and organizational decision making.

Upcoming Events


PTI 2015 Local Government CIO Summit: October 11-13


NAJIS 2015 Annual Conference: October 5-8

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Phone: +1 336 891 0672

E-mail: dlwhicker@hotmail.com

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